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By default we’ll automatically scale and position your artwork, using our experience in printing thousands of t-shirts to get you the best possible results.

Sometimes, OGO sellers may want more control over the print size of their artwork. You are more than welcome too, but the process is more involved and requires you, the seller, to upload artwork to our exact specifications.

Step 1: Turn off the default scaling option

OGO Turn off Scaling

Step 2: Create/modify your artwork to OGO’s exact specifications

Head over to the OGO Design Guidelines. There, you’ll find specifications, and a handy Photoshop (.psd) templates to use. In summary, you’ll need to

  • Put your design in a 14″ x 16″ artboard/canvas. This represents the actual print area/ratio of our printers.
  • Your design should be to SCALE. If you were after a print that is 20cm wide, you’d need to set up your design 20cm wide
  • TOP ALIGNMENT: Align your artwork to the VERY top of the canvas. This is required, as having your artwork away from the top may result in your print being quite low of the garment.  Absolute top alignment is required because our staff/printers set up the garments and prints by hand, so a reference point is required (top of the canvas). Aligning artwork to the top of the canvas may result in your mockups having designs that look too far up. This is currently a disadvantage of using this method, but OGO is looking at solutions to correct it. We recommend creating your mockups later and replacing those generated by the OGO Shopify App.
  • Export your artwork to a PNG file, retaining the artboard/canvas size at 14″ x 16″ (ie 14:16 ratio)
  • You can now upload your artwork to the OGO Shopify App. If you have already created products,  you’ll need to upload new, to scale PNG files and update your products.
  • POCKET PRINTS MUST BE ALIGNED TO THE 11″ AXIS. See and review the design specs.
    OGO Pocket Print Guide

    OGO Pocket Print Guide

    You will know your artwork is correct when it fills the entire print area exactly (14×16 ratio)

OGO Disable Scaling Example

Things to Consider

  • The 14″ x 16″ canvas applies to all t-shirts and apparel except for
    • AS Colour Stencil Pocket Hoodies. The artboard size is slightly shorter, at 14″ x14″, due to the pocket
    • Women’s Singlet and Mens/Womens Tank Tops have a 12″ x 16″ artboard size
    • The AS Colour Carrie Tote has an artboard size of 14″ x 14″
    • The Cushion Covers have an artboard size of 14″ x 14″
    • Infant and Baby tees may have an artboard size of 14″ x 14″
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