OGO App & Production Status

No Tracking and Shopify Updates

Date: March 1st 2020
Status: Issue identified. Working with Shopify to fix as a top priority

Since March 1st updates to Shopify orders have been able to occur on Shopify orders with OGO products.

-Australia Post tracking numbers have ceased to be added to Shopify Order
-Status for orders has not been updated automatically by OGO. Most statuses will be stuck on "Pending Fulfilment"

While this issue is currently being worked on, we recommend all store owners manually update the status to 'fulfilled' manually, between 5-7 business days after an order has been placed.

Tracking can be requested from the OGO team by email at hello@ogo.com.au. Please include your Shopify Order number (not OGO invoice).

Mac & Safari Browser Login Issues

Date: February 2020
Status: Issue identified. OGO developers reviewing

Users of Mac/Apple devices and Safari browsers may see 403, 404 and other assorted issues when trying to access the OGO app via your Shopify admin. The issue has been identified as relating to Cookies and Sessions by Safari.

Users may also see a Login Screen prompting for a Username/Password, this is indicative of the issue, as OGO does not require a Username/Password when accessing via the Shopify Admin (the app uses your Shopify login details automatically).

We recommend all Safari users try an alternative browser, with Google Chrome browser being the most reliable at this time.

Orders being shown as 'Pick-up' in the OGO Orders Dashboard

Date: December 2019
Status: Issue identified. Fix to roll-out during next OGO App update

OGO is aware of an incorrect shipping method being displayed in the Order details found in the OGO Shopify App.

All shipping methods are currently showing 'Pickup from OGO', which is incorrect.

In order to confirm the correct shipping method you can

  • Open your OGO Invoice (PDF) sent to you when your OGO orders have been billed. You will see each order itemised, and the correct shipping method is shown (both the method and cost)

    Example invoice:

Editing existing OGO Products in the App

Date: March 2020
Status: Issue identified. OGO developers reviewing

In March, OGO had to adjust the app in order to comply with Shopify's policy on how items were managed and edited. As a result, the previous method of editing the designs on OGO products had to change drastically.

The new app update in March makes it more difficult to change/edit/update a design for an existing OGO product. There is a method (please contact OGO support), but it is complicated and not free of bugs/issues. 

In the interim, we recommend deleting the product entirely from the store and app and recreating it in the OGO app.

The OGO developers are working hard on bringing back to more streamlined 'edit OGO products' feature from the previous versions.